Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Leetle Children's Preview

I've been talking for a while about my kids' book, but haven't yet shown any of the final pieces - until today!

This piece took a long while on account of my day job, but I quite like how it turned out. I'll probably throw a little bit of type on it when the actual story is written, but so far I'm just making the story through its pictures. :)
All of the images are being done in watercolor.

In this image, the Clevenger kids have just narrowly escaped a sticky situation involving a Dunkleosteus, and time-jump a little ways into the Late Devonian, where they drop in on some Acanthostega.
Friendly proto-amphibians! ^_^

More pieces and half-pieces from the Clevenger Kids bedtime adventure:
click meh!

Also, some pieces I've done on the side:

The Dolphins of Japan, inspired by the recent slaughter at the Cove of Taiji.

Ornithocheirus, one of my favorite pterosaur species.

And the Battlecat of He-Man, redesigned.

until next tiems!



  1. Tiffany! These are so awesome! I cannot wait for your children's book to be done! Kids are going to be so lucky to see prehistoric beasties depicted so well!

    I love that dolphin image too! the little guy on the top is like traveling at top speed!! Wheeee! :D <3


  2. Dall's are the porpoises that think they're a dolphin- lookit em go!---> click to squeee!

    the're so fast, only orcas can catch 'em: moar clickie

  3. Hi Tiffany! Your work is wonderful and I am really looking forward to the children's book! Noticed you following ART Evolved!

    Absolutely love the adorable Acanthostega, and REALLy want to see your take on Dunkleosteus!